Mid-Florida’s safe roof cleaning process removes all roof mildew staining with a no-pressure chemical application. Mildew can be invasive in Florida’s subtropical environment . This algae organism acts as a sponge, in retaining water and moisture on roof surfaces and is the main culprit in the degradation of roof surfaces in Florida.

Mid- Florida’s roof cleaning process begins with the covering of all shrubbery to provide a barrier for protection. Our A+ Better Business Bureau rating is a testament to the understanding that cleaning the roof is only one component of an effective cleaning but just as critical is leaving all landscaping undamaged.

The chemical application provides for a saturation of the surface which is needed to effectively clean the roofing material. Pressure cleaning should never be used when cleaning a roof. These washers not only damage the roof but invalidate any warranties on your roofs surface materials.

Lastly the roof will be rinsed to ensure that the surface is perfectly clean. Mid-Florida has thousands of satisfied clients throughout Central Florida.

Local real estate agents use our roof cleaning service to provide homes a wonderful curb appeal. Homeowners use the service to satisfy HOA demands and businesses to provide a quality first impression.


Pressure Cleaning


Mid-Florida uses pressure cleaning  to remove mildew stains from: buildings, homes, driveways/walks, screen enclosures and all decking surfaces.

The first step in all exterior cleaning processes is to evaluate the nature of all shrubbery, plants and grasses. All fragile landscape plantings must be covered with plastic sheeting.

The process begins by laying down mild chemical solutions to begin the stain breakdown process. Light water pressure is next applied to remove all stains, nests and remove any residual dirt. This process leaves buildings,homes and screen enclosures looking like new.

Leaving mildew on painted surfaces for prolonged periods begins a process of surface brakedown. Mildew can be thought of as a spongelike layer that covers any surface and retains water. This retaining of water and moisture begins a rotting process that will cause paint to peal and fade. Wooden siding, facias and columns can also be damaged by water retaining mildew and nests. 

Mid- Florida cleans horizontal surfaces such as driveways, pool decks, docks and paver surfaces using surface cleaning devices. The process leaves these surfaces clean, streak -free and reduces the possibility of slip and fall accidents.

Removing rust stains is also a service provided by Mid-Florida.

Pressure Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning


Gutter cleaning and maintenance in Florida can be a yearlong process. Seasonal changes in conjunction with hurricanes and thunderstorms cause leaves and debris to fall in Florida year.

Maintaining the proper flow of water alway from buildings and homes is an essential component of proper maintenance.

Gutters that are not functioning properly can lead to a home or buildings foundation being compromised. 

A gutter maintenance schedual will help all structures nmaintain a strong fondation. Full gutters cause water to overflow and pour at the foundations base, which will cause structual issues. Crack in the structure walls have been known to occur.

Clogged gutter systems lead to standing water and mud accumulation in the gutters. Small gardens  have been known to sprout at  home and building rooflines.  Bug and ant infestations are common as gutters fill with mud and debris. These infestations have been known to  travel into the structures interior.

Lastly,  when gutters are not maintained,  a weight load is created at the roofline. This load tends to cause gutters to pull away from the roofline and sag. Water will then back up and begin to enter the facia boards and causing wood rot.




Bi Annually


Mid-Florida will replace gutter spikes, perform some minor repairs and replace certain fixtures.

Gutter Cleaning